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We have a new range of specimen Restios in stock including some rare varieties of these extraordinary plants from South Africa and Australia. Adaptable to sun and semi shade locations. Restios prefer acid soil if planted in the ground and adequate moisture. Please contact for further information and pictures of specific plants.

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March 2018, currently in Stock: Baloskian tertrphyllum, Caliopsis paniculata, Cannamois grandis,Elegia capensis, Elegia grandis, Elegia tectorum, Ischyrolepsis subvericillata, Rhodacoma gigantea, Thamnochortis cinerous. Plants available from 2ltr to 50 ltr. Please contact us for pictures and prices. Thank you.

Baloskion tetraphyllum
Cannamois grandis
Elegia cuspidata
Elegia tectorum
Restio quadratus
Thamnochortus cinereus