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PalmTradersPhyllostachys aurea

A species found widely in Europe characterized by the deformed internodes on the lower part of some of the culms. Popular as an isolated specimen or part of a hedge this clump forming variety is currently available in three sizes with 25% off until the end of may 2014.   15 litre plants 2.5 meters […] View »

PalmTradersPhyllostachys auresulcata ‘spectablis’

The culm of this spectacular bamboo is yellow with green striations appearing alternatively in the individual sections of the culm. The young shoots become tinged with red or purple in the sun.   Specimen plants available at present up to 4 meters with 25% off until the end of may 2014.         £ […] View »

PalmTradersPhyllostchys aureosulcata ‘aureocaulis’

The culm of this cultivar is completely yellow, sometimes finely striated with green. In spring young shoots are tinged with purple and the decorative effect is truly remarkable. Occassionally the bases of the culms form a zig zag effect involving two or three internodes. Frost resistant and even edible.   Large specimens currently in stock […] View »

PalmTradersPhyllostachys nigra

The famous black bamboo. P.nigra can reach a height of over 6 meters. it’s turions are protected by sheaths covered with silky brown hairs, while the auricles develop long, reddish cilia. Over a period of three years, the young green culms gradually turn black. the black colour of the culms are particularly highlighted in regions […] View »