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New Stock – Autumn 2017

We have a truck load of exciting palms arriving in the UK on September 1st from our nursery in Northern Spain. These include some magnificent container grown Jubaea, the increasingly rare Phoenix theophrastii in 50ltre, and new stock of Brahea nitida, massive plants in 65ltr. We also have more Brahea elegans after their success in the spring this time fully rooted in 10ltr, alongside some great Butia eriospatha with 40cm double trunks and more Livsitona nitida in 50 & 90 ltr containers.There is also some huge Chamaerops volcano. Further details and individual photographs can be supplied via the contact from on this site.

As well as Palms we have finally sourcedĀ  a few more of the extremely rare varieties of Dioon edule with glaucous fronds and twisted hastulas. (Exclusive to Palmtraders). Varieties include ‘rio verde, quatetero. jacala hidalgo and augustifolium as well as the standard green variety and we finally have some more Cannamois grandis restios in 10 litre size. We can be contacted directly on 07523 739069 or vis the contact form.

16 August, 2017