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Palm Imports 2019

I have no doubt some of our regular customers will be concerned about the new plant health regulations coming into effect from January 2018.


Following the discovery of the Red Palm Weevil in a Phoenix Palm in Sussex the authorities have decided to ban all imports of Palms from Spain and Italy until they receive a ZP Code which can only be obtained by putting the plants into quarantine for two years. As a result of this action we have agreed with our business partners in Northern Spain to extend an existing facility to accommodate a new quarantine area which will ensure normal supplies will begin again from Spring 2020. The good news in the short term is that we have enough stock here in the UK at our distribution centre for this seasonĀ  and we will be looking elsewhere for supplies during 2019.


This action will not effect our International business and we will be able to continue supplying palms outside of the EU with no restrictions.


Andrew Pearson

Palmtraders UK & Palmtraders International

27 December, 2017