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Proteas UK (Spring 2019)

The last few years we have had great success growing Protea plants here in the UK by using a special soil composition. As a result we are offering a new extensive range of these beautiful plants from March 1st. Planting details will be sent out with each order so you can enjoy these beautiful shrubs for many years to come. They are very hardy having taken -4 degrees this winter at our nursery in Exeter (unscathed). Here are some of the varieties we have in stock. All 2 litre plants are priced at £ 19.95 plus £ 4.99 p & p, and 3 litre plants at £ 24.95. Payment can be made by Paypal to our email address: palmtradersuk@gmail.com. Plants are sent out via Hermes and usually arrive within 2 days.

Leucadendron argentum
Leucadendron Burgundy sunset
Leucadendron Cream Delight
Leucadendron Gem ( 10 litre) £ 29.95
Leucadendron Highlights
Leucadendron Inca Gold
Leucadendron Jester
Leucadendron Laureolum ( 10 litre ) £ 29.95
Leucadendron Lime Magic
Leucadendron Safari Sunset ( 10 litre) £ 29.95
Leucadendron Safari Magic
Leucadendron Summer Sun

Banksia serrata
banksia birthday candles
Banksia coccinea

Mimetes Crackerjack Red

Protea Little Prince
Protea Mini King
Protea nerifolia ‘Blackbeard’
Protea eximia X susannae ‘Sharonette’
Protea repens X longifolia ‘Liebencherry’
Protea susannae X magnifica ‘Susara’
Protea compacta
Protea sylvia
Protea shiela
Protea Madiba
Protea Niobe
Protea special pink ice
Protea white knight
Protea white crown
Protea tasman ruby

Often the impressive foliage of Proteas is used in flower arranging so therefore can make an ideal birthday or Mothers Day gift which we can gift wrap.

13 January, 2018